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Berlin is always one step ahead, a place where fashion, lifestyle, art, music, the established and the innovative come together. And in as fascinating a way as nowhere else. The city offers a lot of space for creativity, it’s open to all kinds of designs for living and, as a result enormously livable. So, a perfect location for the international trade show PREMIUM.

As the name indicates, the PREMIUM is far from mainstream. Designers showcase unique, high quality, premium clothing lines and attract many tradesmen, journalists and influencers.

The PREMIUM is a great networking platform, the ideal place to get a broad idea of some new trends and to actually chat with designers.

In the gallery above you can see some impressions of my stroll at the fair. The last picture shows the Young Designers Award Ceremony - the actual kick-off event. For me, the most inspiring talks were at adddress, Hofmann Copenhagen and Michalsky.

Well, I hope you like checking out the pictures and who knows - maybe some of the designs even inspire you.


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